Three Reasons to Explain Why Dental Implants are Cost-Effective

Three Reasons to Explain Why Dental Implants are Cost-Effective

Dental implants are the most reliable source of replacing the missing teeth. Some patients are initially intimidated by the cost of the dental implant treatment but soon realise how cost-effective it is in the long run.

Read on to find out the three main reasons that prove dental implants are the best investment for long term results.

Dental Implants Do Not Affect the Oral Health of the Patients

Some dental treatments like bridges involve the disruption of tooth structure and may lead to several other oral health issues in the long run. In some cases, bridges may also demand a root canal therapy. However, with dental implants there are no such risks.

Dental Implants Are the Closest Replacement to the Natural Tooth

The natural pearls of an individual are true assets that would be hard to let go. However, when there are no options left, dental implants come as a more permanent solution. Dental implant treatments involve complete replacement of the root and are well placed to support the crown. Implants do not have to be removed and fitted back for cleaning purposes and this drastically cuts down on visits to the dental clinic.

Research and History Support Dental Implants over Other Alternatives

Patients who maintain a good oral hygiene manage to keep their implants intact for their entire lifetime. This applies to both single as well as multiple dental implants. Bridges on the other hand may require replacement after maybe 10 years irrespective of the maintenance routine.