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If your natural teeth are in the incorrect position, crooked, or have wide gaps, opt for our sophisticated orthodontic treatments in the dentistry field. We are here to transform your smile by giving straighter and better looking teeth. Benefit from our Free Examination program aimed to help you know about all the best available Orthodontic procedures. If you decide to proceed with the treatments then we also offer teeth whitening as a complimentary.

Orthodontics is growing in popularity for the past few decades – it functions by creating pressure to your original teeth, this leads your teeth to slowly move to the desired position. In modern dentistry, technology has enhanced the way orthodontics is used with many smart options available. This field has clearly shifted beyond the conventional metal based braces; you can now opt for invisible aligners and more.


Modern advancements in technology have replaced conventional braces with more effective and less visible brackets. You can either opt for metal, plastic, or even ceramic brackets that blend in with the natural look of your tooth.

Braces are designed to shift wide spaced or crowded teeth into the right place for good appearance and functioning. This is possible due to the gentle pressure the braces cause over time. Brackets are carefully adhered to the tooth’s front surface and wires are fastened to the brackets with quality elastic bands. The wire’s small tension is shifted to the bonded bracket through the band.

Cfast Teeth Alignment

This procedure makes use of the clear brackets and nickel-titanium wires that resemble the natural colour of your teeth. This slightly invasive procedure deals with any alignment problems with the twelve teeth that fall in the ‘smile zone’ (the six lower and six upper front teeth). The procedure is far better than clear aligners, as teeth move twice as quick and align the teeth comfortably resulting in a perfect aesthetic effect.


If you are looking to get a perfect smile without braces, then Invisalign is the best alternative. It straightens your teeth with the aid of easy to remove and clear aligners. The course consists of altering aligners twice a month, shifting your teeth gently and gradually into a straighter position for a perfect smile.


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