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Wisdom teeth are the last set of molars that grow, although they are useful they generally required to be removed due to various dental issues that develop with them. No wonder wisdom teeth extraction is a general process all across the country and is done by a dentist or a surgery specialist in the chair or by using sedation. The removal of these teeth is based on the intricacy of your dental condition; the complex your condition the easier it is to extract them in the chair and it will be more affordable.

We are experts in removing wisdom teeth in Sydney and are confident in removing them in a stress free and painless way. We also inform you about the entire procedure and this includes how to take care of the teeth during the recovery process.

Wisdom teeth are removed in most cases as they lead to expensive dental issues if left unattended. It is a major cause of infection in your mouth, as it only comes half way from the gum and this causes bacteria to enter into your gums. This leads to a condition where there is a high possibility of infection – so the teeth need to be extracted as quickly as possible. There is also a chance of these teeth getting a chronic decay. This makes it very problematic to brush and maintain your teeth well. Generally people procrastinate the removal process until an infection gets worse. Our dentists suggest removing them before they come out of the gums, after examining the x-rays. This is necessary to prevent a painful and complex process. If you doubt your pain is linked to the wisdom teeth get an appointment right away with our dentists. Overlooking the symptoms can lead to unnecessary issues, which can result in a more complex and costly surgery.

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