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 Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy

If your teeth’s pulp gets injured or unhealthy, then endodontic procedure is the last option to protect it from removal.

The most common practice followed in endodontic is Root Canal Treatment. Dentists can complete this treatment in one sitting, but it is recommended to go through it in two to three appointments for successful implementation.

Root Canal Treatment is used by dentists when there is a development of swelling in the tooth’s root.

  1. Dentists make way from the tooth’s crown to reach the chamber of pulp.
  2. They remove the infected pulp and give shape to root canals by cleaning and enlarging.
  3. Infected region is medicated and root canals are properly filled
  4. The opening made at the crown is also filled temporarily.

On the successful completion of Root Canal Treatment a crown made up of porcelain is placed over the tooth for the proper functioning of tooth.

How long will the root canal treatment last

The root canal treatment can last a lifetime with proper care as tooth decay can even happen in treated teeth, so proper oral hygiene and occasional dental exams are required to avoid any further issues.

As there is no pulp ensuring the tooth is alive, the treated teeth can get fragile and are more subject to fracture. It is necessary to consider whether to fill the tooth or crown once the canal treatment is over.

The best way to know whether the treatment is a success is by comparing the latest x-rays with the ones taken prior to the treatment. This will indicate whether the bone is getting adrift or it is regenerating successfully.

This way the diseased and injured pulp is taken out and the remaining space is carefully filled and shaped. This treatment saves a lot of teeth that would otherwise be gone if not treated at the right time.

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