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Dental Dentures

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Dentures is an easy solution for substituting missing teeth. Most of us assume dentures as a complete replacement for all set of teeth that our grandparents or parents use. However, dentures can be a real effective solution if you are completely “edentulous”; on the other hand partial dentures are an economical option for substituting one or more teeth in your mouth.

Full Dentures

As no teeth remain, full dentures make use of suction or different kind of adhesive to stay intact.  On the other hand, we can also make use of dental implants as a preferable solution to connect to the dentures with the aid of magnets/clips as an effective way of retention.

Partial Dentures

If you are missing a single or double tooth then partial dentures can be an economical option.  They are easy to clip to the existing teeth while the adjacent teeth can be used as a way of support. Partial dentures are used to fix empty space between the teeth due to an accident or any other reason.

Denture Check-ups

We suggest you to visit your dentist regularly to get your dentures checked. If you plan to attend a six month check-up, we will suggest you if your dentures need any change like relining. Also you can tell us if your dentures are leading to any unnecessary pain or problem. This can happen if your dentures are not fixed properly and when unnoticed they can cause some serious issues. These consist of gum-damage and even problems for existing teeth when dentures are used. This could even lead to teeth loss due to improper fitting of dentures.  Needless to say, when dentures are maintained properly you can get rid of all these problems.

Get quality dentures from highly experienced dentists today to replace your missing teeth.

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