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White Fillings

Fillings – This word itself could cause panic among many people – but modern dental science has remained successful in eliminating this issue. Advanced technology and materials have made it an easy process. We have a range of pain removing options available such as sedation and happy gas to make the therapy painless. The convenient location of our dental clinic and modern technology has made it possible to get an easy dental treatment even during your lunch break!

Our dentists follow a practice free from the use of mercury. We do not use such materials in implants and fillings. For filling of teeth, we have lots of strong and artistic options available, which make your teeth, look more natural when compared to metal and amalgam fillings.

The while fillings procedure can be done in just a single visit based on the number of teeth. The area surrounding the tooth will be cleaned well and ensured it’s dry.  After which the decay will be removed out of the tooth that needs to be treated and the composite material will be used. Following that an ultra violet light is used to toughen the material to get a natural look.

In case the decay gets worse and if the majority of the tooth structure needs to be taken out, then our dentist may suggest a quality dental crown. The reason for this is to strengthen and safeguard your tooth. Moreover a big filling can leave the tooth to be structurally shaky which can cause biting and chewing very difficult, thus leading to a crack. So by getting a crown it makes sure the teeth remain strong and healthy for a prolonged time.

It is vital to maintain better oral hygiene as these fillings are still proven to conditions like decay, gum diseases, and other dental issues. It is important to get an occasional check up to ensure your teeth are in good shape and health.

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