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 Smile Makeovers

Smile Makeovers

Tooth whitening is the most well-known and favoured cosmetic treatment in the dental field. It is simple to understand why it is right now the most sought after dental procedure as it makes a positive difference to the overall look of your smile. Indeed, the results are swift, safe, and affordable. There are no more excuses to live with unattractive and discoloured teeth, as teeth whitening treatments gets rid of unwanted stains and lightens teeth in quick time.

Due to eating and drinking habits, your age, medications, and other factors result in discoloured teeth overtime. A slim coating builds up on your teeth that invite stains. The enamel’s pores grip these stains, resulting in unattractive teeth. Initially, cavities must be properly treated before the whitening procedure is applied as the solution can easily enter decay and inner places of the tooth, resulting in sensitivity. Moreover, diminishing gums can lead the roots to become unprotected. This can have a negative effect on the whitening procedure as naked tooth roots do not have the protection of an enamel layer. The treatment also has no impact on veneers and crowns. Our dentists will carefully examine and assess your dental health before beginning the whitening treatment. If the reason behind staining is non-cosmetic then further tests could be carried out to find the issue.

Teeth Whitening can be carried out by our experienced dentist in-office or it can be done right at your home by following our simple instructions and given supplies. If you are searching for reliable dentists in Sydney CBD to transform your teeth’s colour with effective whitening treatments, then call and visit us to know more about the procedures and available options.

We are here to help strengthen and improve your dental health and put you on the way to an attractive beautiful smile.

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