4 Reasons You Need a Custom Mouthguard from Your Dentist

Blacktown dentist
Photo by Nate Johnston

Are you an athlete, a teeth grinder, or just looking for an extra layer of protection for your smile? If so, then a custom mouthguard from your dentist is the right choice for you! A custom mouthguard is made specifically to fit your unique smile, providing superior protection and comfort compared to off-the-shelf versions. A Blacktown dentist lists these four key reasons why you should get a custom mouthguard from your dentist.

A Custom Mouthguard Fits Better:

When it comes to protecting your teeth, it’s important to make sure that your mouthguard fits properly. Store-bought mouthguards are often not customised to fit your unique mouth shape, and as a result, they can slip and move around while you’re wearing them. This can decrease their effectiveness and leave your teeth more vulnerable to damage.

A custom mouthguard from a dental clinic near me is made to fit the exact shape of your mouth for a more secure fit. The exact fit helps to ensure that the mouthguard remains securely in place no matter what activity you’re doing, providing maximum protection for your teeth.

A Custom Mouthguard Protects Your Teeth Better:

Having a mouthguard made to fit your teeth specifically can provide you with better protection from sports-related injuries. It’s not just about comfort; it’s about safety too. The snugger fit of a custom mouthguard provides more even protection for all teeth, instead of gaps that are found in store-bought mouthguards.

As a result, your risk of chips, cracks and even lost teeth is significantly reduced. In addition, custom mouthguards provide better shock absorption, decreasing the risk of concussions and other traumatic head injuries.

A Custom Mouthguard Lasts Longer:

When you purchase a custom mouthguard from a Blacktown dentist, you know that it is built to last. The materials used for custom mouthguards are of higher quality than those found in store-bought versions, making them more durable and able to withstand heavy wear and tear. Because custom mouthguards are tailored specifically to fit your mouth, they don’t require frequent adjustments like store-bought ones.

A Custom Mouthguard Won’t Restrict Breathing:

When you wear a mouthguard, you want to make sure you can still breathe comfortably. Unfortunately, many store-bought mouthguards are bulky and can restrict your airflow. A custom mouthguard from a dentist can be designed with thin materials to provide the necessary protection without impeding your breathing.

The thin materials also ensure that the mouthguard won’t cause discomfort when you talk or drink. With a custom mouthguard, you can rest assured that you won’t have to compromise on comfort or breathability.

Wrapping Up: Many people don’t realise the importance of investing in a custom mouthguard from their dentist. Talk to an expert specialised in microscopic dentistry in Blacktown today.