Aftercare Tips for Wisdom Teeth Removal

Aftercare Tips for Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom tooth extraction is a complex process that involves a significant amount of pain. However, the impacted tooth must be removed as early as possible for the sake of comfort and to prevent infection.

Here is a list of tips to ensure maximum protection during the recovery phase:

Maintain Perfect Oral Hygiene

The mouth must be kept 100% clean and germ-free to avoid any chance of infection after the extraction process. Twenty four hours post the procedure; patients must gently rinse the mouth with warm salt water once in every 2-3 hours. A mild mouth wash may also be used twice a day and patients can resume their normal brushing routine from the day after the procedure. Care must be taken to ensure that the affected area is not disturbed.

Take Sufficient Rest

The wisdom tooth extraction process must be followed by ample rest and patients must not indulge in any kind of strenuous activity. The swelling and discomfort may prevail for about 4 to 5 days and sufficient rest during this time will enable quicker recovery.

Consume the Right Food

Dentists recommend a long list of dos and don’ts when it comes to diet after the extraction. Follow these instructions strictly and slowly make the progress from fluids to semi-solids to solid food. Avoid using the straw as it can displace the blood clot thus leading to dry socket.

The complexity of the wisdom tooth extraction process and the body’s response to the treatment may vary from one person to another. These tips can help deal with the post effects of the process efficiently in most cases.