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Dental Implants

A dental implant is a special titanium based root that can be planted into jawbone. When combined with the bone, the implant can be harnessed to hold up a new bridge or a crown or even support a full denture. Implants may also be availed to get rid of partial dentures and plates. Implants are being used in the dental field for the last three decades, and have a better success ratio. They work and look like your original teeth. They are right now the most sought after procedure for substituting missing or lost teeth.

Given the advantages of dental implants, their slightly expensive investment when compared to regular treatment procedures surpass the price involved.

Implant Procedure

There are two stages to successfully place dental implants:

Stage 1:

By availing precise surgical methods, an opening is created in the gum tissues to successfully fix the implants within the dimension regulated areas in your jawbone.

Initially, the gum tissue is carefully cut open and the jawbone is first pierced with a tiny drill and then a wider one. The implant is then successfully infused into place. The tissues are then carefully sealed and the curing process begins. It could take at least three to six months to heal for a better base.

Stage 2:

An abutment is carefully secured on the implant’s base and a crown is placed on it. Implants can substitute a few teeth or even a single missing tooth.

Single Implants

A single dental implant can be availed when you have a lost tooth. The above two stages are followed to place a custom crown over the screwed abutment to work like a natural tooth.

Multiple Implants

Several titanium implants can be availed if you wish to permanently substitute the lost teeth. The above two stages are carried out to place in crown bases in your jawbone, after which abutments are placed to ensure crowns are fitted properly on top of them.

Full Arch Implants

These implants are set up to allow a complete arch of teeth. The arch is easy to remove while it works like a full set of original teeth when required.

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