Why Are Early Dental Visits Essential For Children?

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When it comes to your child’s oral heath there is no right time than now to start teaching and practising good oral hygiene habits. Although oral health is an integral part of the child’s overall health, it is often overlooked. Studies show that early dental visit for children should be scheduled before completing 12 months.

The importance of early dental visits

According to the National Child Oral Health Study, among Australian children aged 5-6 years, about 48.7% had a history of dental decay in the deciduous teeth. Tooth decay is one of the most common oral diseases and the most prevalent health issues in Australian children.

Early dental visits are crucial for two significant reasons. First, oral diseases, especially tooth decay as it can cause infection, discomfort, and severe pain, and you may end up visiting the emergency dentist Parramatta, which might cost you more. Second, poor oral health at a young age leads to further oral diseases in adult life. Dental treatments can scare your children and can be expensive if left untreated. Taking your child for dental check-ups ensures a healthy mouth and a positive attitude towards dentists.

Early dental visits to the Parramatta dental clinic has many benefits including,

Promote good oral health and prevent oral disease

During dental visits, the emergency dentist in Parramatta will ask questions to learn about the child’s oral hygiene practices. This will help them to learn more about s child’s oral health and suggest healthy oral hygiene habits. Children’s teeth are also susceptible to tooth decay as adults. Besides monitoring and treatment for decay, early dental visits increase the chances of detecting any dental problems early and suggest the right treatment that reduces future orthodontic costs.

Keep your child calm

Dental anxiety is one of the reasons why many patients avoid dental visits and children are no exception. When the dentists work with your children on a daily basis, they are familiar with dental procedures and develop a positive attitude towards dental treatments. This will help them in future procedures like dental braces, dental fillings, wisdom teeth removal Parramatta, etc.

Parental help and support

As the dental professionals discuss your child’s oral care with you, they will be able to provide essential information and training for how to take of your child’s teeth and gums at home. Thumb sucking and teeth grinding are common habits that children tend to do. It can be hard to get rid of that habit, and it can also harm the teeth as well. Dentists can help you by giving several techniques for dealing with these issues.

Practising good oral hygiene habits right from their birth can make all the difference to their future dental care. The sooner you begin early dental visits with your child, the better the chances of having healthy gums and teeth.