What Do I Do If My Child Chips A Permanent Tooth?

Photo by Eddie Kopp on Unsplash

From taking their baby steps to help them try out their favourite sports, as parents, we make all our best efforts to keep our child safe as they get bigger. But many research studies indicate that about 50% of children undergo a tooth injury before they reach their teenage. Thankfully most of these injuries are not an emergency, which can be taken care at home until the dentist can be visited. In case, if you child chips or cracks a baby tooth it will resolve by itself when the permanent tooth pops out, however it can be a challenging situation for both the parent and the child if the same injury happens on a permanent tooth.

Here’s what parents must do about chipping of permanent tooth in kids –

  • See your emergency dentist Parramatta – If you still haven’t stored the contact number of a dentist Parramatta, add it to your contact list right away. This is because, you can never predict dental emergencies in kids. Any oral injury in kids must be evaluated by an emergency dentist Parramatta, even if it is minor, as there could be internal serious injuries which are not visible outside. This situation might even call for a root canal treatment. So, keep in mind that any tooth exposed to injury must be assessed by the dentist and proper follow-up care must be pursued.
  • Tooth Discolouration – As parents you must understand that chip is not the only sign of tooth damage. Due to direct force on the tooth due to fall, it can result in the teeth turning blue, black, brown or grey. This discolouration is usually temporary, which is caused by the damage to the tooth’s blood vessels. As these blood vessels heal, the tooth will return back to its original colour. In some cases, discoloration does not fade off, which means you must visit the dentist in dental clinic Parramatta for warnings of infection or necrosis.
  • Know about Dental Abscess – Unfortunately, the force of blow on the tooth can make it fade away over a period of time, even without getting discoloured. Chipping of tooth may have microscopic cracks which will allow the bacteria to enter into the tooth pulp, leading to abscess. As a parent, you must understand the signs of dental abscess to deal with the condition early. If left untreated, these abscesses can spread over to the other tissues in the face and cause brain damage. So, have a watch over it. The common symptoms of dental abscess are – facial pain, Swelling, Fever, Bleeding inside the mouth or Disrupted sleep in children.

If you notice these signs, you must take your child to an emergency dental clinic Parramatta and get emergency dental treatment!