Common Tooth Problems and Solutions

Common Tooth Problems and Solutions
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Oral health is an integral part of your overall health and well-being. The basics of practicing good oral hygiene are taught to us from an early age for good reasons. Our teeth serve a various purposes and they are important not only for aesthetic reasons but also for your overall well-being. However, teeth are susceptible to several issues that can result in their loss. Fortunately, most of the dental problems are preventable and be treated if caught earlier.

To prevent dental issues, it is essential to learn about potential threats and how to avoid them. Here are the most common dental problems and solutions:-

Gum disease

Gum disease is one of the most common dental issues that adults experience. If left untreated, it can lead to tooth loss. Gum disease includes three developing stages starting from Gingivitis. Gingivitis is the initial stage of periodontal disease that can be reversible if caught early. But, if not treated, it progresses to a more serious condition called periodontal disease that can result in tooth loss.

During the early stages of Gingivitis, the symptoms can be reversed by practicing a good dental care regime and treatment for infections. If the disease moves to the advanced stages, it becomes harder to treat. If your gums frequently bleed, visit the dentist Rozelle as early as possible and get it treated. Give yourself the best possible chance and respond early.

The dentist will examine the mouth tissue and look for pockets and if they bleed in response to touching, they are likely to be infected. The dentist will put you on antibiotics to treat the condition.

Tooth decay

Tooth decay, also called cavities, is a common dental problem that affects all age groups. Plaque is one of the significant reasons for tooth decay. Plaque, sticky film-like bacteria, produces an acid that gradually erodes the tooth enamel and forms holes. Plaque forms, particularly after eating food that contains sugars and starches. Limiting sugary foods and drinks is the key to preventing tooth decay. Lifestyle is common reason for cavities. The better you care for your oral health, the less chance you will have to experience tooth decay. However, older people are more likely to develop cavities due to poor oral hygiene as they age.

Once you get cavities, there are not methods to reverse them. The only option is to remove the cavities and fill them. Tooth sensitivity to the cold and hot food items is the symptoms of cavities and treating at this stage is better than an advanced stage where you may lose your teeth. The emergency dentist Rozelle will guide on the treatment options available for treating cavities.

Bad breath

This is one of the most common dental issues that affect all, regardless of age. It can be embarrassing as well. Cavities, oral cancer, gum disease, and dry mouth are the major causes of bad breath. If you have chronic bad breath, visit the dentist Rozelle.

Unattractive smile

Although an unattractive smile is not a dental issue, it is one of the significant reasons why many seek dental treatments. If you want to enhance your smile, visit the cosmetic dentist Rozelle. The dentist can restore your smile by offering various treatments like teeth implants, teeth whitening, orthodontics or other cosmetic dental works.