When is the Root Canal Therapy better than a Dental Implants?

When is the Root Canal Therapy better than a Dental Implants?

A common dilemma in the world of dentistry is choosing between the root canal therapy and dental implants. Though both treatments are performed to bring back the precious smile of the patient, they are not always the best for every case. Read on to find out the differences between the two and when a root canal surgery can be recommended over a dental implant.

How do root canal treatments and dental implants work?

Root canal therapy involves cleaning the inside of the damaged tooth and removing the inflamed pulp. Following this, the tooth is filled and sealed thus putting an end to the pain. In a dental implant procedure, the remnant of the decayed tooth is completely removed and replaced with porcelain crown that is supported by a metal post.

Why do dentists recommend root canal therapy over dental implants in most cases?

“Saving” the natural tooth is considered better than having them completely removed and replaced. If the damaged tooth structure can support the crown placed on it, then root canal therapy is best recommended. Women with lower oestrogen levels are always directed towards root canal therapy as they have a higher chance of implant procedure failure.

In short, the choice of treatment varies from one patient to another based on the overall health and condition of the damaged tooth of the patient. However both treatments have an equally good success rate and are offered by several dental clinics across the world.