Three Critical Scenarios When Your Emergency Dentist Comes to Rescue

Three Critical Scenarios When Your Emergency Dentist Comes to Rescue

The worst part about tooth pain is that it is so unpredictable and yet needs immediate attention. Tooth injuries from accidents may also happen anytime during the day and must be attended immediately.

Here is a list of critical situations when your emergency dentist comes to save you from pain.

Tooth fracture or Chipped tooth

Severe accidents on the road often leave patients with a chipped tooth or in the worst case, a tooth fracture. Chipped tooth may initially not cause significant pain but if left unattended, the crack may widen. Fractured tooth causes intense facial trauma and the patient must be rushed to the dentist immediately.

Elevated pain from failure of a dental procedure

While pain and swelling for a day or two after dental procedures like tooth extraction or implants may persist, any sudden increase in pain or excessive bleeding may be a result of procedure failure or infection. This situation demands immediate medical advice for the dental practitioner.

Knocked out tooth

Has your favourite sport left you with a missing front tooth? Did you accidentally bump into the wall during the wee hours of the day? Before the pain and bleeding take over, patients must immediately see the emergency dentist.

Tooth problems in general come with an extreme level of pain and in some unfortunate cases, they occur right before an important event like an exam or family functions. Therefore people suffering from poor dental health must ensure that their dentist offers emergency services throughout the year. If you are in Parramatta and need an emergency dentist visit Cure Dental