What Factors Affect The Cost of Tooth Fillings?

What Factors Affect The Cost of Tooth Fillings?

Cavities in the teeth cause severe pain and uneasiness. Tooth fillings are a common and effective solution for tooth that are in the initial stages of decay and are used to restore the natural structure of the affected tooth. Read on to understand the different factors that influence the cost these dental fillings.

Choice of filling

Tooth filling maybe of two types, metal amalgam materials or composite materials. Dental composite which is also called the white filling costs more than the amalgam materials but is the best choice when it comes to obtaining a more natural look. White tooth filling involves the use of more advanced techniques and hence the higher price.

Choice of dental surgeon

Filling costs vary significantly from one dental care centre to another. Patients are recommended to shop around, compare the benefits and only then settle for the best. The location of the dentist also determines the cost involved.

Depth of decay

The level of decay determines the amount of material required for the filling process. An affected tooth may demand up to 5 surface fillings and the related costs also increase in the same order.

Complexity of the process

Dental health has advanced much and tooth fillings can be obtained in just a single visit to the dentist. However in some cases, there may be a need for additional posts and pins in order to support the larger filling thus making the process more complex. In such cases, the cost of the filling procedure may increase considerably.