SC Dental provides a comfortable & pleasant experience, with a personalised dental approach we ensure you leave with a positive feeling whenever you visit us. We are highly skilled dentists in Rozelle, Sydney with advanced technologies for providing the best dental health care. We offer a wide range of dental treatments to our patients.

Anxious about a Dentist Appointment?  A study conducted in Australia on dental anxiety, stated that a person with dental anxiety, normally waited 17 days on average before scheduling an appointment with the dentist.  Are you one of them?

‘Pain’ is a personal thing, experienced at different levels by different people.  So, the approach towards pain should also be ‘personal’.  Yes! At the Soothing Care Dental, we provide a personalised, pain-free & a stress-free dental experience to make you feel comfortable.  Our experience will prove to you that we are not the same typical dentists in Rozelle. Our Team of Dentists in Sydney offer a tailored service with the state of art technology to help you overcome your anxiety during your dental procedure.