Getting Braces for Impacted Teeth – Will It Work?

Getting Braces for Impacted Teeth
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Braces are commonly used in dentistry to improve and correct numerous dental problems. When it comes to braces, people often think of crooked teeth. But braces can help solve problems caused by impacted teeth too. According to a Blacktown dentist, tooth impaction is caused when a tooth develops at a wrong angle or takes up the gum area required by other teeth. No matter what the cause is, an impacted tooth can affect the surrounding teeth. When left unattended, these impacted teeth can lead to tooth loss.

Different Types of Tooth Impaction

According to Blacktown dentist, upper canines are often identified as impacted compared to other teeth. Impacted canines can be found in the palate, towards cheeks, and more, causing severe damage to the teeth around them. Different types of treatment options are suggested by an orthodontist Blacktown to fix the issue. The partial eruption occurs when a tooth couldn’t come out of the gum fully. When the tooth grows at a wrong angle, it’s called angular impaction. In some cases, the tooth erupts at the proper angle, but it can’t erupt out of the gum completely. This is called vertical impaction. When a tooth grows at an angle that affects the growth of the neighbouring teeth, it’s called horizontal impaction.


Impacted teeth are diagnosed by a dental examination. X-rays of the impacted teeth are taken to determine the exact cause of the impaction. Once the cause for the teeth impaction is identified, relevant treatment options are suggested by your dentist.

Can Braces Help Impacted Teeth?

Yes! When the teeth impaction is identified at an early stage, braces can be used to correct the impaction. For instance, during a dental exam, if your dentist finds a tooth that’s erupting in the wrong direction, braces are recommended to make them erupt without being impacted. Or in other cases, a baby tooth will be removed to give enough space for the adult tooth to erupt. The earlier you determine the impacted tooth issue, the easier solution will be suggested to fix the problem without damaging the tooth surrounding it.

Usually, braces are also recommended to help correct impacted canine teeth. When you wear braces, it will the impacted tooth to its proper position. This restoration of your impacted teeth to the correct position improves the biting and chewing functions of your mouth.

Wrapping Up

Remember, not all teeth can be saved with orthodontic treatment. If the tooth is damaged severely or too much time has passed, there is no option to treat it. It needs tooth extraction done by a dental expert.

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