Why Is Oral Care Important In The Elderly?

Why Is Oral Care Important In The Elderly?
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As you age, there are some things that we tend to ignore, and maintaining proper oral health is one among them. Most elderly people, tend to ignore the personal hygiene steps that they once followed due to their reformed lifestyle.  Since the oral health is associated with the entire body, it is important that someone reminds them to keep their oral health a priority.

Here are some reasons that state why oral care is important in the elderly people –

Shrinking gums

As you grow older, your gums tend to move away from the roots of your teeth. This will leave the roots exposed, paving way for the growth of cavities and causing tooth decay. Tooth pain and cavities are a few reasons which invite people towards the dentist Blacktown.  So if this problem has to be avoided, make sure to take care of your oral health and check with a dentist Blacktown. He will check if your gums are shrinking and suggest effective strategies to safeguard your exposed gums.

Dry Mouth

As you age, you might probably have to take medications for certain health conditions. Unfortunately, at times, these medications can cause dry mouth.  This condition might further extend to decay of tooth and infection. So, you should never ignore these symptoms. Instead look for ways that will help to increase the secretion of saliva and improve the defensive effects to get rid of the oral health problems.

Impacted Wisdom Tooth

If you have not yet removed your wisdom teeth, and have stepped on to the old age, you are likely to face several oral problems. The following are the possible problems – infection of the gum around the wisdom tooth, dental caries, periodontal diseases, formation of cysts etc. Hence it is better to opt for wisdom teeth removal Blacktown.

Missing Tooth

Many people lose their teeth as they age. It might seem better to extract the infected tooth and avoid root canal, dentures or implants. But, if you don’t fill the space, it is sure to cause problems in future.  With missing tooth, you are sure to end up with loss of bone, and alignment of your teeth structure. It will also cause chewing problems and infections too. This issue has to be addressed as early as possible with an expert dentist. If you ignore now, you are sure to face a lot more oral problems when you get older.


Be it any age, everyone wishes to have clean and pearly white teeth. As days pass by, keeping your smile looking the same way becomes difficult. This is because, as you age the enamel on your tooth fades away, causing the dentin to appear. This gives your teeth a grey and dark appearance. To protect your enamel, you must cut down on the acidic foods, juice, soft drinks etc. Make sure to visit your dentist for teeth whitening Blacktown and keep your teeth in the best possible shape.