Mouthguard – To protect your Teeth

Mouthguard - To protect your TeethImagine how it would be if you suddenly lose one or more of your front teeth! Everything from smiling to eating and talking would be affected all of a sudden. Therefore, preventing injuries to your face and mouth taking part in contact sports or recreational activities is very important.


Dentist Balmain often suggests mouthguards to minimise the risk of injuries to your lips, face, tongue, or and even broken teeth. Also, known as mouth protectors, the mouthguard cushions a blow to the face. Mouthguards are typically designed to cover the teeth on the upper jaw. This is because the teeth in the upper jaw take the most impact of trauma as they stick out more compared to the teeth in the lower jaw.

When should you wear a Mouthguard?

A mouth protector is an essential piece of athletic gear when it comes to protecting your mouth. It should be a part of your standard equipment from an early age. According to dentist Balmain, mouth guards must be used by both adults and children who play contact sports like soccer, football, field hockey, etc. Also, those who participate in non-contact sports like gymnastics should wear mouthguards. Besides, people involved in recreational activities like mountain biking are advised to wear mouthguards.

To simply put, people involved in any activities or sports that could pose a risk of injury to the mouth will benefit from wearing a mouthguard.

On the other hand, people who grind their teeth during sleep are also recommended to get a mouth guard to prevent damage.

I wear Braces, Can I wear a Mouthguard?

Yes. A mouthguard should be worn by people who have a fixed bridge or wear braces because an injury to your face can damage the braces. A properly fitting mouthguard act as a barrier between your cheek or lips and the braces which will help avoid injuries to your cheeks and gums.

Talk to the dentist at dental clinic Balmain about choosing a mouth guard which should offer the right protection for you. Also, it is advised not to wear removable braces during activities that put your mouth at risk for injury.

Different types of Mouthguards:

There are three types of mouthguards:

Stock Mouth Guard:

This type of mouth protectors is made and come ready-to-wear. These are inexpensive and available at nearby stores. However, they are bulky and can make talking and breathing difficult. Dentists don’t recommend this type of guards.

Boil and Bite Mouthguards

Made from thermoplastic material, this type of guards fit better compared to stock mouth protector. Boil and bite mouthguards are placed in hot water to soften and then placed in the mouth and shaped around the teeth using tongue pressure and finger.

Custom Fitted Mouth Guard:

These are designed and custom-made in the dental office. At first, the dentist will make an impression of your teeth, and the mouth guard is custom made. As it is made of special material and takes extra working time, the custom made mouthguards provide the most protection and comfort.

Despite all the preventive measures, if your teeth are injured during a sports activity, it is highly recommended to visit an emergency dentist Balmain who can save your teeth.