Common Causes of Bad Breath

Common Causes of Bad BreathAccording to the Australian Dental Association, About 2.4% of the adult population suffers from halitosis (bad breath). However, it is a treatable condition for many adults. Maybe it is caused by something you ate or can signify an underlying oral condition. Halitosis can cause embarrassment, worry, and anxiety. But, it is easier to treat if the cause of bad breath is identified and treated. It is the third most common reason that people visit dental clinic Parramatta for dental care after tooth decay and gum disease. Simple lifestyle changes and improved oral care can help overcome this issue.

Here are the most common causes of bad breath

General oral health

Poor oral hygiene is one of the common causes of bad breath. If you don’t clean and floss your teeth, food particles remain in your mouth, and sticky bacteria can form on your teeth. The tonsils can trap food particles and bacteria in the mouth, which produce bad breath odour. Apart from bad breath, poor oral hygiene also causes other oral health conditions such as gum disease and cavities that are associated with bad breath. Maintaining a consistent and thorough oral care routine is the best option to keep your bad breath at bay. It is essential to visit the dental clinic Parramatta every six months for dental cleanings and general check-up to keep dental problems at bay.


Consumption of alcohol is also the culprit of bad breath. So the more often you consume alcohol, the more likely you’ll experience it. Besides, too much alcohol consumption can decrease the saliva production, which is the best environment for bad-breath causing bacteria to flourish.


All tobacco products cause bad breath and lead to more life-threatening medical conditions. Apart from causing bad breath, smoking can damage the gum tissue and cause gum disease that leads to tooth loss. Get help from the dentist Parramatta to quit smoking.

Dry mouth

Saliva is the natural cleaners of bacteria. It helps to keep your mouth clean by removing food particles that lead to bad breath. When the production of saliva is less or stops, bad breath is likely to follow. This happens naturally when you sleep, which is why most find their breath stinking upon waking up. But, if you experience bad breath throughout the day, it is essential to meet the emergency dentist Parramatta and get it treated.

Digestive issues

Bowel disorders and poor digestion can all cause bad breath. If you frequently experience acid reflux, the odours from the food that you have consumed may easily make their way back up the oesophagus, causing bad breath. Hence, it is essential to treat the underlying issue.

Other causes

Though bad breath is caused by odour-causing bacteria in your mouth, there are several health conditions that are contributing to this issue. It can be a warning sign of other illnesses present in your body. Respiratory and tonsil infections, sinus problems, certain medications, liver and kidney diseases can all cause bad breath.