9 Best Foods to Maintain Good Oral Health

9 Best Foods to Maintain Good Oral Health
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Food plays a significant role in maintaining your oral health. While it is imperative to follow good old hygiene habits, such as brushing and flossing, eating the right foods also reduces the risk of oral health problems. So, before you go shopping, take a look at this list of foods recommended by a Blacktown dentist to improve your oral health:


Apples can clean your teeth and kills off bacteria that contribute to bad breath. It contains a fibrous content that is effective enough in removing plaque and food debris from your teeth. Since apple is crunchy, it increases saliva that helps prevent tooth cavities.

Green tea:

According to studies, green tea is great for reducing gum inflammation and improving periodontal health. Drinking green tea regularly can help reduce bacterial growth in your mouth and protect your teeth from cavities.


Onions may be foul-smelling, but a Blacktown dentist explains that it is excellent for maintaining your oral health. This vegetable contains microbial properties that can fight against different bacteria that cause gum diseases and cavities.


Proanthocyanidin is a nutrient present in Cranberries that prevent bacteria from sticking to surfaces. It also helps protect your teeth from cavities. Cranberries are also great for preventing dental plaque (a film of bacteria on teeth) since it inhibits the formation of glucan.


Whole grains are often associated with a boost in periodontal health, so it comes as no surprise that oats are great for improving your oral health. According to a study, whole grain foods such as bran, brown rice, and barley will enhance glucose metabolism in your body. When your blood sugar levels are stable, it further contributes to better oral health.


As a dairy product, yogurt is rich in calcium that improves the strength of the enamel on your teeth. It also helps prevent bad breath as it reduces the production of hydrogen sulphide and odour-causing compounds. Yoghurt also doesn’t contain too much sugar, which is a bonus.


A dental Blacktown expert often recommends sticky foods that can get trapped between your teeth. However, some sticky foods, such as raisins, are great for protecting your oral health. Raisins contain phytochemicals that can kill bacteria and prevent cavities and gum diseases.

Milk and cheese:

You should probably know that milk and cheese can keep your teeth and bones strong. In addition to calcium, these dairy products include a protein called casein that can neutralise the acids produced in the mouth by bacteria.


Yes, water is also great for your teeth. Drinking water with fluoride is one of the best things to do for preventing cavities. Fluoride also helps strengthen your teeth, so it’s only wise to replace sugary drinks like coke to maintain your oral health.

Apart from maintaining good oral hygiene and visiting a dentist on a regular basis, following a nutritious diet will keep your teeth and gums healthy for the long term. The denture clinic Blacktown can provide you appropriate solutions to restore your smile.