The Dangers of having Crooked Teeth and Why You Should Straighten them

Photo by Denis Lesak on Unsplash

Several people deal with crooked teeth, which deteriorates both their smile and self-esteem. Straight teeth are beneficial for both teeth and jaw function. They can help reduce the risk of gum disease, fight debilitating headaches, promote healthier eating habits and more! Fortunately, a dentist Blacktown can offer the right solutions for those having crooked teeth. Here are some oral health problems caused by crooked teeth.


First off, crooked teeth will increase the chances of plaque build-up on your front tooth, which will lead to cavities or other problems. Straightening your teeth will resolve the same. Teeth straightening also allows for better chewing, which is important for healthy digestion. If you don’t address the problem on time, it can lead to problems like indigestion and bad breath.

Teeth Grinding & Damage:

Besides making your smile less aesthetic, crooked or misaligned teeth can cause improper fit of existing dental work, such as crowns. In addition, you can damage your teeth by grinding or clenching them due to the uneven pressure crooked teeth put on your jaw muscles. Cracked tooth syndrome is a common result of misaligned teeth, so it’s important to have them fixed with the help of a dentist Blacktown soon.

TMJ Disorder:

Third, crooked teeth can contribute to what is known as temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD or TMJ), a condition resulting from muscle strain in the jaw and face. Symptoms of TMD include headache, neck pain, earache and clicking or popping sounds when opening your mouth. In severe cases, TMD can even cause ringing in the ears and pain when chewing.

Impact on Emotional Health:

Fourth, crooked teeth can result in some pretty serious psychological problems. Crooked or misaligned teeth often lead to low self-esteem and depression, especially for teenagers who are already dealing with hormonal changes that seem to be happening all at once. Depression from crooked teeth can result in changes in eating habits, poor sleep quality and even avoidance of social interactions.


Headaches are extremely common in today’s world and many people don’t know all too well how terrible they can be. Crooked teeth can cause headaches to be felt in the face, neck and even further up into the head. This is because crooked teeth can result in uneven pressure on your jaw muscles. An emergency dentist Blacktown suggests that it could be related to TMD, so it’s important to treat any potential health issues early on.

Bad Oral Hygiene:

Finally, crooked teeth make it harder to maintain oral hygiene. Straightening your teeth allows you to floss easily, which is an incredibly important part of dental health as well as a factor that goes into the maintenance of your general health. In fact, flossing has been linked to an overall healthier body, because it can reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke! Straight teeth will also allow you to close your mouth fully.

Having straight teeth can change your life because it can improve your smile and oral health at the same time. If you have crooked or misaligned teeth, talk to a qualified orthodontist Blacktown today.