What Are Some Dental Emergencies That You Should Never Ignore?

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Emergency conditions do not wait for anyone.  It is unexpected, and can be extremely painful. In such dire situations, even the reluctant patients consult an emergency dentist Parramatta. Most emergency dental patients want to get everything done from quick diagnosis to soothing solution that could ease off their dental pain or restore their teeth. Keep reading to understand about the common dental emergencies that you should never disregard.


Toothache is considered as one of the most common dental emergencies. In case if you experience a sudden toothache, floss your teeth gently and rise with warm water. Sometimes, food particles could get caught between the teeth and irritate the gums, resulting in toothache. If you experience toothache even after rinsing your teeth, you will have to visit an emergency dentist Parramatta, as they will have better options to treat your tooth.

Tooth Fracture

Falling of tooth is not common in an adult with good oral hygiene, where as it is common in children. If you are experiencing teeth wiggle around, it is a clear sign that something is wrong. Yes, you might have had an injury or an infection, which you did not understand until now. It is important to take care of this problem at the earliest, as there are many chances that the experts at dental clinic Parramatta could place your real tooth back in its place.

Bleeding in Gums

If you feel the taste of metal in your mouth, it could be a sign that your gums are bleeding, and you did not notice it. Healthy gums do not bleed, unless you accidentally bruise while brushing. Bleeding gums are a sign of gum disease, and excessive bleeding is a red flag, for which you must visit a dentist in Parramatta.

Swelling in Jaw

Your oral health can actually have a severe toll on your whole body. If you see that your jaw is swelling out or aching, then you are likely to have a severe infection in mouth, which is passing through. The best way to eliminate this infection is to get medical help as early as possible.


Most people are of the assumption that cavities are not a dental emergency. But, less did they know that these cavities can turn out to be a dental emergency if left untreated. A tooth with cavity means, it is weak, and vulnerable to cracking or teeth grinding. Deep cavities often bear decaying matter which requires a professional cleaning to prevent any further damage. To avoid an emergency created by cavity, it is best to visit the dentist frequently and get the decay treated appropriately.