Is It Necessary To Remove Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth can cause a lot of dental problems, especially if they are impacted or partially erupted. Though people experience pain and discomfort when a wisdom tooth erupts, complications associated with the impacted wisdom teeth may not show any obvious signs at first. They often progress slowly, and when it shows symptoms, series damages have been done already. The following oral issues are good reasons to extract the problematic impacted wisdom teeth as early as possible.

Dental decay

If left untreated, impacted wisdom teeth are more likely to develop cavities or decay. Yes, if the wisdom teeth are stuck in the gums, cleaning becomes difficult. It is hard to reach them with your toothbrush and clean them thoroughly. So, when a tooth is not cleaned properly, bacteria are likely to trap in the area around the wisdom teeth.

Besides, it is not possible to fill in the cavities in a wisdom tooth as they partially erupt. This is wisdom teeth removal Parramatta is recommended by most of the dental professionals. An infected wisdom tooth may also contribute to the decay of the surrounding teeth as well.

Gum Disease

Keeping your impacted wisdom teeth also increases the risk of developing gum disease. Yes, a study examining more than 300 young adult patients who have decided to keep their wisdom teeth found that about 50% of those patients had developed gum disease around the impacted wisdom teeth. Even if they are not impacted, their location at the back of mouth makes it difficult to reach when cleaning. If a wisdom tooth is not brushed and cleaned properly, bacteria can accumulate and leads to gum disease. If gum disease is left untreated, it may lead to tooth loss and bone destruction.


One of the most common reasons why wisdom teeth removal Parramatta is recommended is that there is not enough room in the jaw-line to accommodate these new set of teeth. If you do not have adequate space and ignore wisdom teeth removal, the pressure from impacted wisdom teeth can lead to overcrowding, crooked teeth, and teeth shifting that undo your years of orthodontic work.


If an impacted wisdom tooth is not extracted, it can lead to the formation of a cyst. Although it happens rarely, if left untreated, a cyst can destroy the surrounding tissue and bones.


Pericoronitis is a dental disorder that usually affects wisdom tooth. It is an inflammation of the gum tissue surrounding the partially erupted wisdom teeth.

Apart from these complications, a wisdom tooth can also weaken the structural integrity of your jaw that increases the risk of jaw fracture. Wisdom teeth extractions are done and recommended to prevent all these potential complications. Schedule an appointment at the Parramatta dental clinic and visit the dentist Parramatta to evaluate your wisdom teeth before they affect your oral health.