Debunked: Common Myths about Teeth Whitening!

Debunked: Common Myths about Teeth Whitening!

When you watch models wearing a sweet white smile, you do nothing but just fixate your eyes on them. The impending question that strikes you the very next moment is, “Can I have perfectly white teeth just like that?” The answer is, yes! It is possible with teeth whitening procedure. Certain people, though back off from getting the treatment owing to certain misconceptions surrounding it. Here are such myths debunked to prove that it’s sane to avail teeth whitening treatment.

MYTH 1: Teeth Whitening Products are all the same

There are a variety of teeth whitening products available in the form of whitening kits, whitening toothpaste, whitening trays and much more, however different products have their own bleaching composition and they offer varying degrees of effectiveness.

MYTH 2: Teeth Whitening makes your Teeth Sensitive

During the bleaching process, it’s possible that your teeth might get sensitive but that is only temporary. Dentists offer gels during the course that will reduce the effects of sensitivity.

MYTH 3: The Procedure is Painful

Never! Teeth whitening procedure is completely safe and painless. It is normal to feel a bit of discomfort when the bleaching agent is applied, but the same is alleviated with the application of gel. Over-the-counter medication will also be advised to eliminate discomforts, if any.

MYTH 4: Can Cause Mouth Cancer

There is no proof that teeth whitening process leads to mouth cancer. It is suggested to quit smoking and alcohol consumption in order for the results to last longer. The same does apply to regular coffee drinkers as well.

The results produced by teeth whitening are very effective. Get to your dentist today and give your teeth a fantastic makeover via teeth whitening procedure.